Maestro Guzmán is the Music Director for the Staten Island Philharmonic. He is also the Music Director for the Centre Symphony in Manhattan, the Artistic Director and founder of the Brooklyn Chamber Orchestra, the Music Director and Conductor of the Bronx Symphony Orchestra, and the Music Director of the Rockaway-Five Towns Symphony Orchestra. Maestro Guzmán was the Principal Conductor for the Regina Opera Company in Brooklyn for many years. For ten years, he was the Music Director of the New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble.

He has also served as the principal conductor for the Long Beach Symphony, and has appeared as a guest conductor for the Bronx Arts Ensemble, the Greenwich Village Orchestra, the Riverside Symphony Orchestra, the Bel Canto Opera Company, the Bronx Chamber Orchestra, the New Rochelle Opera Company, the Brooklyn Heights Orchestra, and the South Shore Philharmonic, among many others.